Inali Kipp d’Amundsen



breeder: Katerina Paleckova, Stömsund (SWE)

Inali is a joyful and smart bitch. She is full of energy and so far she seems to be the best sledge dog I have had. She is also very much my dog and we both have a mutual trust and respect for eachother. Inali is the dog of my life.

Inali arrived to us in April 2010 from Katerina and Jachym at the Kipp d’Amundsen kennels. I first fell in love with Inali’s grandfather Buck some years ago. As I couldn’t take a new dog in my pack back in 2006 when the G-litter was born, I waited till the I-litter, which was sired by Buck’s son Gold Nugget.

Inali means grey fox in Cherokee language. The funny thing is that ”naali” in Finnish also means arctic fox :)

Inali is the mother of Snörövarens Muohta-litter.

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